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Jim Brown, the legendary American football player, civil rights activist, and actor, was married to Sue Brown (formerly known as Sue Jones). Their marriage and subsequent divorce were marked by a series of challenges and controversies. In this article, we will delve into the life of Sue Brown and explore various aspects such as her age, education, family, relationship with Jim Brown, children, career, and more. Let’s uncover the intriguing story of Sue Brown.

What is Sue Brown’s Age?

Sue Brown’s precise birth year remains undisclosed, but she was born somewhere between 1939 and 1943 in the United States. Based on these estimates, Sue’s current age would be between 79 and 83 years.

Despite the challenges life has presented, Sue has remained an inspirational figure, continuously defying expectations and pursuing her passions. As the exact date of Sue Brown’s birthday is not publicly known, it is difficult to determine her zodiac sign accurately

Sue Brown wiki


Sue Brown‘s commitment to education has been an integral part of her life. She graduated from a renowned university, although specific details regarding the university and her field of study are not widely available. Sue’s pursuit of higher education demonstrates her intellectual curiosity and the value she places on learning.

Sue Brown Fast Facts

Full NameSue Jones Brown
Age79-83 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsNot known
SiblingsWill share
EducationHigh School
Alma MaterPrivate School
Ex-HusbandJim Brown (1959–1972)
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenKim Brown
Kevin Brown
James Jr. Brown
Step-kidsJim N. Brown Jr.
Aris Brown
Kimberly B Brown
Karen Brown Ward
HomepageTap On

Sue Brown Family and Siblings

While specific information about Sue Brown’s parents remains unknown, it is widely believed that they were accomplished individuals who excelled in their professional pursuits. Sue’s upbringing and the values instilled in her undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her character and life choices.

Sue Brown family

Although their identities are not publicly available, the excellence exhibited by Sue’s parents in their respective fields is a testament to the environment in which she was raised. A Lack of Information Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding Sue Brown’s siblings, if she indeed has any.

Relationship with Jim Brown

Jim Brown, born James Nathaniel Brown on February 17, 1936, in St. Simons Island, Georgia, was a highly accomplished football player who played as a fullback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL) from 1957 to 1965. Throughout his career, Brown achieved numerous accolades and records, solidifying his place in football history.

Sue Brown Wedding and Husband

Jim Brown and Sue Brown (formerly Sue Jones) were married in 1959. Their wedding marked the beginning of a tumultuous journey, as their relationship was marred by legal controversies and personal challenges. Unfortunately, their union faced significant difficulties that ultimately led to their divorce.

Sue Brown with her husband
Sue Brown with her husband Jim Brown

Divorce and Legal Disputes

The marriage between Jim and Sue Brown faced a series of legal disputes and controversies. In 1968, he filed for divorce, accusing Jim of “gross neglect” and citing assault charges. The divorce proceedings attracted media attention, and the couple’s personal issues were thrust into the public spotlight.

Life After Divorce

Following their divorce, Brown’s life has largely remained private, with limited information available about her activities or personal endeavors. The focus shifted to Jim Brown’s subsequent relationships and ventures. It is important to respect Sue Brown’s privacy and acknowledge that individuals have the right to keep their personal lives out of the public eye. Later, Jim got wedded to Monique Brown after their divorce.

Jim Brown Died at 87

Jim Brown, a true icon of American football and widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, passed away at the age of 87. The news of his death has sent shockwaves throughout the sports world, leaving fans and fellow athletes mourning the loss of a legend.

Brown’s contributions to the game, his subsequent success as an actor, and his advocacy for civil rights have left an indelible mark on the world. In 1957, Brown transitioned to the professional level after being drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL. Over the course of his nine-year career, Brown dominated the field with his unique combination of speed, power, and agility.

Sue Brown Children

Jim and Sue had three children together during their marriage: Kim Brown, Kevin Brown, and James Jr. While their children’s lives have largely remained private, their parents’ high-profile status occasionally thrust them into the public eye. Despite the challenges faced by their parents, the children have continued to pursue their own paths. Also, she has step-siblings named Jim N. Brown Jr., Aris Brown, Kimberly B Brown, and Karen Brown Ward.

Sue Brown with her husband and kids
Sue Brown with her husband Jim Brown and kids

Career Details of Sue Brown

The available search results do not provide specific information about Sue Brown’s career or professional endeavors. Her life seems to have been closely associated with her marriage to Jim Brown, and her public presence primarily stems from their relationship.

Sue Brown career

Net Worth

No explicit information about Sue Brown’s net worth is available in the provided search results. It’s important to note that Brown’s financial status might not have been as extensively covered in the media as her former husband’s.

Height and Weight

Weight64 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Facts and Trivia

  • Sue Brown’s divorce from Jim Brown involved assault charges and accusations of “gross neglect”.
  • After her divorce from Jim Brown, Sue Brown seemingly led a more private life, with limited public information available about her.
  • Brown is the mother of Kim, Kevin, and James Jr., who are Jim Brown’s children as well.


Sue Brown, the former wife of Jim Brown, was entangled in a high-profile marriage and divorce that attracted media attention. While specific details about Brown’s life, including her age, education, and career, remain relatively undisclosed in the provided search results, her association with Jim Brown and their three children are notable aspects of her life. Although Sue’s public presence has diminished over the years, her role in the narrative of Jim Brown’s life and career is an important piece of their shared history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Did Sue Brown have any siblings?

    Information regarding Brown’s siblings is not available in the provided search results.

  2. What were the assault charges against Jim Brown?

    The assault charges contributed to the complexity of his relationship with Sue.

  3. Is Sue Brown involved in any charitable work?

    The provided search results do not mention any specific charitable involvement or philanthropic activities associated with Brown.

  4. Did Sue Brown remarry after her divorce from Jim Brown?

    Not known.

  5. Are there any books or documentaries about Sue Brown’s life?

    There are no references in the provided search results to any books or documentaries specifically focused on Brown’s life.

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