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Sam Cutmore-Scott is a prominent figure in the hospitality industry and gained significant attention as the husband of Chelsy Davy, who was previously in a long-term relationship with Prince Harry. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Sam Cutmore-Scott’s life, including his age, education, family background, siblings, relationship with Chelsy Davy, career, net worth, and other interesting facts and trivia.

How old is Sam Cutmore-Scott?

Sam Cutmore-Scott was born in 1985 in the United Kingdom. This makes him 37 years old. His birthday falls on an undisclosed date, so we do not know his zodiac sign.

What is Sam Cutmore-Scott’s education?

He attended the Westminster Under School from 1992 to 1997, which is a private preparatory school in London. After completing his education at Westminster Under School, he moved on to Eton College, one of the most prestigious and exclusive public schools in the United Kingdom. He studied at Eton College from 1997 to 2002 and was part of the same year group as Prince William and Prince Harry.

Sam Cutmore-Scott wiki

After finishing his education at Eton College, Sam Cutmore-Scott went on to study at the University of Oxford. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the university in 2006. His education did not stop there, however, as he went on to study at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) from 2007 to 2010. The ICAEW is a professional organization that provides education and training for chartered accountants in England and Wales.

Sam then went on to attend the London Business School from 2010 to 2012, where he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

Sam Cutmore-Scott Wiki and Biography

Full NameSam Cutmore-Scott
Age37 years old
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
Zodiac SignNA
ParentsNot known
SiblingsJack Cutmore-Scott
EducationMA in Philosophy
Diploma in Accounts
Alma MaterWestminster Under School
Eton College
University of Oxford
London Business School
Marital StatusMarried
WifeChelsy Davy (m. 2022)
Relationship StatusCommitted
GirlfriendChelsy Davy
ChildrenLeo (son)
CareerHotel Manager
Net Worth (Combined)US $50 Million
HomepageTap Link

Sam Cutmore-Scott Father & Mother

Sam Cutmore-Scott’s family has a background in the hotel business. His mother and father set up the family company over 22 years ago, which grew to include four venues.

Additionally, his grandfather ran a mechanics business in Norwich, which had been a family business for four generations. Unfortunately, specific details about Sam’s parents, siblings, and their roles in the family business are not available in the search results.

Who is Sam Cutmore-Scott brother?

Sam has one younger brother named Jack Cutmore-Scott. Like Sam, Jack is also an actor, and he has appeared in several popular TV shows and movies. Some of his notable works include the TV series “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” “Dunkirk,” and “Killing Eve.” Jack was born on April 16, 1987, which makes him four years younger than his brother Sam.

Sam Cutmore-Scott brother
Sam Cutmore-Scott’s brother Jack Cutmore-Scott

Sam and Jack grew up in a close-knit family and have always been supportive of each other’s careers. In interviews, Sam has mentioned that he and his brother often talk about their work and give each other feedback on their performances. It is clear that the Cutmore-Scott brothers share a strong bond, both as siblings and as fellow actors.

Sam Cutmore-Scott Marriage to Chelsy Davy

He gained significant media attention when he married Chelsy Davy, who is widely known for her past relationship with Prince Harry. The couple exchanged vows in a secret ceremony in 2022, after dating for approximately three years.

Sam Cutmore-Scott with his wife
Sam Cutmore-Scott with his wife Chelsy Davy

The wedding was attended by only a select few individuals, and the news of their nuptials was not widely known at the time. This private celebration allowed the couple to enjoy their special day away from the public eye.

Sam Cutmore-Scott’s Wife

Chelsy Davy, born on October 13, 1985, in Zimbabwe, is a prominent figure in her own right. While she may be known for her past relationship with Prince Harry, Chelsy is a successful businesswoman with a keen interest in the travel industry.

Prior to her marriage to Sam Cutmore-Scott, she had a thriving career in the legal field, having studied law at the University of Cape Town and later working as a solicitor in London. However, her passion for travel and exploration led her to pursue opportunities in the travel industry.

Sam Cutmore-Scott Kids

Sam and Chelsy Davy have been blessed with a son named Leo. Leo was born in January, and his arrival was announced in 2022, shortly after the couple’s secret wedding. Since becoming parents, the couple has been seen enjoying family vacations and spending quality time together.

Sam Cutmore-Scott son
Sam Cutmore-Scott’s son

Prince Harry Blames News Outlets for Breakup

In a recent High Court case against Mirror Group Newspapers, Prince Harry has made startling claims, alleging that the unlawful information-gathering activities conducted by the Mirror group were responsible for the breakup of his relationship with Chelsy Davy.

The duke joins several other high-profile individuals in bringing damage claims against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) titles. The allegations shed light on the invasive practices of tabloid journalism and raise concerns about privacy and ethics in the media industry.

What does Sam Cutmore-Scott do?

Cutmore-Scott’s career primarily revolves around the hospitality sector. According to an interview with Boutique Hotelier, Sam’s parents established a company over two decades ago, which eventually grew into a collection of four venues. He gained his initial experience in the family business as a teenager before pursuing higher education and training as an accountant.

Sam Cutmore-Scott and friends
Sam Cutmore-Scott and friends

Sam’s involvement in the hospitality industry led him to become a hotelier and entrepreneur. Although specific details about his professional endeavors are limited, it is evident that he has played a significant role in the success and growth of the family business.

Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Sam Cutmore-Scott is not publicly disclosed, various sources estimate his wealth to be substantial. According to Showbiz Corner, as of 2022, Sam and Chelsy Davy’s combined net worth was estimated to be more than $50 million.

Sam Cutmore-Scott bio

Additionally, Chelsy Davy herself was reported to have an assumed fortune of $40 million. These figures indicate that Sam’s personal net worth is likely to be significant, considering his involvement in the family’s successful hotel business.

Height and Weight

Weight72 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Facts of Sam Cutmore-Scott

  • Sam Cutmore-Scott’s family has been in the hotel business for over 22 years.
  • Sam gained his first hospitality experience as a teenager while working in the family business.
  • He trained as an accountant.
  • Cutmore-Scott’s grandfather, Stanley Harper Cutmore, ran a mechanics business in Norwich.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Sam Cutmore-Scott related to the actor Jack Cutmore-Scott?

    Yes, he is the brother of Jack Cutmore-Scott, a Hollywood actor.

  2. How long have Sam Cutmore-Scott and Chelsy Davy been together?

    Sam and Chelsy Davy have been together for approximately three years.

  3. When did Sam Cutmore-Scott and Chelsy Davy get married?

    He and Chelsy Davy got married in a secret ceremony in 2022.

  4. Do Sam Cutmore-Scott and Chelsy Davy have any children?

    Yes, Sam Cutmore-Scott and Chelsy Davy welcomed their first child, a son named Leo.

  5. What is Sam Cutmore-Scott’s educational background?

    He completed his MBA from London Business School.

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