Does Phillip Schofield Have a Daughter? Check Details About Ruby Lowe’s Wiki, Family, Boyfriend, and More

Ruby Lowe is the daughter of the popular British television presenter Phillip Schofield. Born on 28 January 1996, Ruby has gained attention for being the offspring of a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will delve into the life and background of Ruby Lowe, exploring details about her father, mother, relationship with her family, siblings, boyfriend, age, net worth, career, education, and more.

Who is Ruby Lowe?

Ruby Lowe is a notable figure in her own right, known primarily as the daughter of Phillip Schofield, a well-respected British television presenter. Born in 1996, Ruby has grown up in the public eye due to her father’s fame. She has inherited her mother’s wavy blonde hair and has a charming presence.

Ruby Lowe’s Father – Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield is a renowned British television presenter who gained popularity through his work on shows like “This Morning” and “Dancing on Ice”. On February 7, 2020, Phillip made headlines when he publicly came out as gay. Despite this revelation, Phillip maintains a close relationship with his two daughters, Molly and Ruby, and his wife, Stephanie Lowe.

Ruby Lowe with her dad and mom
Ruby Lowe with her dad Phillip Schofield and mom Stephanie Lowe

Phillip Schofield announced dating ‘This Morning’ Colleague

In a shocking turn of events, Phillip Schofield confessed to having an affair with a younger male colleague while he was married to his wife of 30 years, Stephanie Lowe. Schofield admitted to initially lying about the affair to ITV, creating a web of deception that ultimately unraveled. The revelation came as a surprise to many, as Schofield had managed to keep his personal life private until now.

Impact on Phillip Schofield’s Career

Schofield’s admission of the affair had significant repercussions on his career. Shortly after the news broke, he decided to step down from his role on This Morning and resigned from ITV altogether. His resignation marked the end of an era, as Schofield had been a staple of ITV’s daytime programming for over two decades.

Unsurprisingly, news of Schofield’s affair and subsequent resignation captured the attention of the public and the media. The scandal dominated headlines, with tabloids and news outlets dissecting every aspect of the story. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussions and debates, with opinions ranging from sympathy to outrage. The public’s fascination with celebrity scandals was once again on full display.

Phillip Schofield’s Apology and Resignation

Following the revelation, Schofield issued a public apology to his wife, family, and fans, expressing deep remorse for his actions. He acknowledged his mistake in lying about the affair and took full responsibility for the consequences. Schofield’s resignation from ITV was seen as an act of accountability and an attempt to minimize further damage to his personal and professional reputation.

Ruby Lowe Wikipedia

Full NameRuby Lowe
Birthday28 January 1996
Age27 years
BirthplaceEngland, United Kingdom
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendWill George
Net WorthUSD 500k (approx.)
School/CollegeCollege Leeds Beckett University
Weight53 kg

Know Everything About Ruby Lowe’s Mother Stephanie Lowe

Stephanie Lowe is Ruby Lowe’s mother and the wife of Phillip Schofield. Stephanie and Phillip have been together for over 27 years, having tied the knot in 1993. Their wedding took place at Scotland’s Ackergill Tower. Stephanie used to work as a production assistant when she met Phillip and he was a children’s TV presenter at the time. Despite their recent separation, Stephanie and Phillip remain close friends.

Ruby Lowe family members

Ruby Lowe’s Relationship with Family

Ruby Lowe shares a strong bond with her family. Despite her parents’ separation, she maintains a close relationship with both her father, Phillip Schofield, and her mother, Stephanie Lowe. The family has shown support for one another during difficult times. Ruby’s parents have ensured that their separation does not affect the love and care they have for their daughters.

Does Ruby Lowe have a sister?

Ruby Lowe has one sibling named Molly Lowe. Molly was born in 1993, making her the eldest daughter of Phillip and Stephanie. Molly and Ruby have grown up together and share a close sisterly bond. They have stood by their father during challenging moments.

Ruby Lowe with her sister
Ruby Lowe with her sister Molly Lowe
GrandparentsPat Schofield
Brian Schofield
FatherPhillip Schofield
MotherStephanie Lowe
CousinsMatilda Graham
Sophie Graham
SiblingsMolly Lowe (sister)
UncleTim Schofield
AuntGeorgina Lowe

Who is Ruby Lowe dating?

Ruby Lowe, the daughter of renowned British television presenter Phillip Schofield, has captured the public’s attention not only for her famous lineage but also for her blossoming relationship with her boyfriend, Will George. Ruby Lowe and Will George’s relationship began with a serendipitous encounter, bringing two kindred spirits together.

Ruby Lowe and her boyfriend
Ruby Lowe and her boyfriend Will George

While details about their first meeting remain private, it is believed that their paths crossed through mutual friends, as is often the case with modern love stories. Their instant connection led to a deepening friendship that eventually blossomed into romance.

Where was Ruby Lowe born?

Ruby Lowe came into this world on January 28, 1996, which means she celebrates her birthday every year on this date. As of the current year, 2023, she is 27 years old, a time of life when many individuals are exploring their passions, making significant life choices, and establishing themselves in various domains.

Ruby Lowe wiki

Being born on January 28, Ruby falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are often known for their unique and unconventional perspectives, as well as their ability to think outside the box.

How to contact Ruby Lowe?

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Is Ruby Lowe a Graduate?

Ruby Lowe’s pursuit of education has played a vital role in shaping her into the accomplished individual she is today. After completing her secondary education, Ruby enrolled at Leeds Beckett University, located in Leeds, England. This prestigious institution is known for its commitment to providing quality education and fostering an environment of growth and learning.

Ruby Lowe bio

At Leeds Beckett University, Ruby had the opportunity to explore her interests and broaden her horizons. It is worth mentioning that Ruby’s specific field of study or the degree she pursued has not been widely disclosed publicly.

Check More Data About Ruby Lowe

  • Ruby Lowe has inherited her mother’s wavy blonde hair.
  • She gained significant media attention due to her father’s public coming out as gay.
  • Ruby’s parents, Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe, have been together for over 27 years.
  • Lowe is the daughter of British television presenter Phillip Schofield.
  • Her mother, Stephanie Lowe, was a production assistant when she met Phillip.
  • Ruby has a close relationship with her father, mother, and sister.
  • She prefers to keep her personal life private, including details about her career.
  • Despite her parents’ separation, Ruby’s family remains supportive of one another.

Conclusion – Ruby Lowe is the daughter of the esteemed British television presenter Phillip Schofield. She has made headlines due to her father’s public coming out as gay. Despite her family’s public visibility, Ruby prefers to keep her personal life private. She shares a close bond with her father, mother, and sister. While information about her career and net worth is limited, Ruby continues to live her life away from the spotlight.


  1. Is Ruby Lowe famous in her own right?

    She is primarily known as the daughter of Phillip Schofield, a well-known British television presenter. She is not widely recognized for her own accomplishments.

  2. Does Ruby Lowe have any siblings?

    Yes, Ruby Lowe has one sibling named Molly Lowe. Molly is the eldest daughter of Phillip Schofield and Stephanie Lowe.

  3. What is Ruby Lowe’s age?

    27 years old (as of 2023).

  4. Is Ruby Lowe in a relationship?

    According to various sources, she is dating Will George.

  5. What is Ruby Lowe’s net worth?

    US $500k (approx.).

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