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Molly McNearney Bio – In this article, we will delve into the life of Molly McNearney, the wife of renowned television host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. From her early life and education to her successful career in the entertainment industry, we will explore various aspects of McNearney’s life and provide intriguing insights into her personal and professional endeavors.

Molly McNearney Age

Molly O’Brien McNearney was born on 5th March 1978, in the state of Missouri, United States. As of the current year, she is 45 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, which is associated with traits such as compassion, imagination, and adaptability. These characteristics may have influenced her creativity and ability to craft engaging comedic content.

Molly McNearney wiki

Education of Molly McNearney

In terms of education, Molly McNearney attended St. Joseph’s Academy, a private, all-girls Catholic high school located in St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from the academy in 1996. Following high school, McNearney pursued her passion for journalism by enrolling at The William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, which is part of the University of Kansas.

The school is highly regarded for its comprehensive curriculum and commitment to producing skilled professionals in the field of journalism.

Profile and Wiki

Full NameMolly O’Brien McNearney
Birthday5 March 1978
Age45 years
BirthplaceMissouri, United States
ParentsMichelle McNearney
Michael McNearney
SiblingsKelly McNearney
Michael McNearney, Jr
Alma MaterSt. Joseph’s Academy
The William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications
SpouseJimmy Kimmel
Marital StatusMarried
BoyfriendJimmy Kimmel
KidsJane Kimmel
William John Billy Kimmel
Step-kidsKatie Kimmel
Kevin Kimmel
Net WorthUS $2 Million (approx.)

Molly McNearney Mother and Father

Molly McNearney was born to Michelle McNearney and Michael McNearney. Unfortunately, there is limited public information available about her parents. They have largely maintained a private life, avoiding the media’s attention.

Molly McNearney friends

As a result, details regarding their professions, background, and personal lives remain undisclosed. It is worth noting that the McNearney family has consistently prioritized their privacy, focusing on supporting Molly in her endeavors without seeking the limelight for themselves.

How many siblings does Molly McNearney have?

Molly McNearney has two siblings, Kelly McNearney and Michael McNearney, Jr. Although their profiles are not as well-known as Molly’s, they play an essential role in her life. Kelly McNearney is Molly’s sister, and while information about her is limited, it is known that she has been a significant source of support for Molly throughout her career.

Despite the absence of specific details about Kelly’s professional life or public presence, she remains an important part of Molly’s life, offering encouragement and a strong familial bond. Molly’s brother, Michael McNearney, Jr., also remains largely out of the public eye.

Comparable to his sister and Kelly, Michael prefers to maintain his privacy and has chosen not to seek a prominent public profile. His role in Molly’s life is likely one of emotional support and familial connection, as they navigate their respective personal and professional endeavors.

Molly McNearney Marriage and Husband

Molly McNearney is married to Jimmy Kimmel, a renowned American comedian, television host, and producer. Kimmel gained widespread recognition as the host of the late-night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” which premiered in 2003. Prior to their marriage, McNearney worked as a writer on the show and eventually became the co-head writer and executive producer.

Molly McNearney with her husband
Molly McNearney with her husband Jimmy Kimmel

Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel tied the knot on July 13, 2013. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in Ojai, California, surrounded by their close friends and family. Their wedding was a joyous occasion, marking the beginning of their lifelong commitment to each other.

Jimmy Kimmel Fired from ABC

In recent days, social media has been abuzz with rumors about the popular late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, being fired from ABC. These reports have sparked curiosity and concern among fans and viewers.

The rumors about Jimmy Kimmel’s firing from ABC first started circulating on various online platforms. Misinformation often spreads rapidly in the digital age, and this situation is no exception. Several articles and social media posts falsely claimed that Kimmel had been let go by the network.

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Molly McNearney Children

Together, Molly McNearney and Jimmy Kimmel have been blessed with two children. Their first child, a daughter named Jane, was born in July 2014. Their second child, a son named William John, arrived in April 2017. The couple has embraced parenthood and often shares heartwarming moments and anecdotes about their children. Moreover, Molly has two step-kids from her husband’s side from his wedding to Gina Kimmel.

Molly McNearney and her kids
Molly McNearney and her kids

Molly McNearney Career in Entertainment

McNearney’s career has flourished in the entertainment industry, particularly in the realm of writing and producing. She made her entry into Hollywood as a writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. It was her first job in the industry. Over the years, McNearney’s talent and dedication propelled her to the position of co-head writer and executive producer on the show.

Molly McNearney career

McNearney has also contributed to various projects, showcasing her versatility and creative abilities. She has also made appearances as an actress and has been involved in podcasting, where she shared insights and advice on becoming a TV writer.

Net Worth

While Molly McNearney’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, her involvement in the entertainment industry as a successful writer and producer suggests that she has accumulated substantial wealth. Furthermore, her long-standing role as the co-head writer and executive producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” also added to her financial success.

Molly McNearney family

Height and Weight

Weight53 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Interesting Facts and Trivia

  • Molly McNearney has been an advocate for women’s empowerment and has expressed the importance of women in comedy.
  • She believes in challenging societal perceptions and has encouraged other women to embrace their humor and pursue successful careers.
  • Molly prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate. She maintains a professional dynamic with her husband, Jimmy Kimmel, even when working together.
  • This approach ensures a healthy balance and fosters a harmonious relationship.
  • Molly McNearney’s contributions to the entertainment industry have earned her recognition and respect.
  • Her talent as a writer, producer, and actress has solidified her position as a formidable force in the industry.


Molly McNearney, as Jimmy Kimmel’s wife, has made a name for herself through her accomplishments in the entertainment industry. From her beginnings as a writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to becoming a co-head writer and executive producer, she has demonstrated remarkable talent and dedication. Despite maintaining a private personal life, Molly McNearney continues to thrive professionally, leaving an indelible mark on the world of television and comedy.


  1. Is Molly McNearney Jimmy Kimmel’s first wife?

    No, she is Jimmy Kimmel’s second wife. He was previously married to Gina Maddy from 1988 to 2002.

  2. Does Molly McNearney have siblings?

    Yes, she has two siblings named Kelly McNearney and Michael McNearney, Jr.

  3. What is Molly McNearney’s role on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?

    Molly McNearney is the co-head writer and executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, contributing to the show’s success.

  4. Does Molly McNearney have children with Jimmy Kimmel?

    Yes, Molly and Jimmy Kimmel have 2 children together named Jane Kimmel and William John Billy Kimmel.

  5. What other ventures has Molly McNearney pursued besides writing?

    Molly McNearney has ventured into acting and producing, showcasing her versatility in the entertainment industry.

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