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Manoj K Sreedhar is an individual who has gained attention due to his association with Rehana Fathima, a prominent social activist, and artist. While Rehana Fathima is widely known for her controversial activities, Manoj K Sreedhar has managed to maintain a relatively low profile. In this article, we will explore the life of Manoj K Sreedhar, his relationship with Rehana Fathima, his career, his personal life, and other interesting details.

Who is Rehana Fathima?

Before delving into the details of Manoj K Sreedhar‘s life, it is essential to provide a brief overview of his wife, Rehana Fathima. Rehana Fathima is an activist, model, and artist from Kerala, India. She gained widespread attention for her progressive mindset, challenging societal norms, and advocating for gender equality. Fathima has actively participated in various movements and has been involved in controversial actions that have both garnered praise and criticism.

Rehana Fathima
Rehana Fathima

Manoj K Sreedhar Wikipedia

Full NameEllie Warner
Birthday30 May 1981
Age42 years old
BirthplaceKochi, India
CareerChief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Nammalidam
Net WorthINR 10-20 Lakhs (estimated)
School/CollegePrivate College
ParentsMr. Sreedhar
Mrs. Sreedhar
SiblingsNot known
SpouseRehana Fathima
Marital StatusMarried
PartnerRehana Fathima
Weight73 kg
FacebookCheck Here
HomepageOpen This

Marriage with Manoj K Sreedhar

Manoj K Sreedhar is married to Rehana Fathima, and their marriage has been a topic of curiosity for many. Their union represents a blend of diverse backgrounds and ideologies, as both individuals have distinct identities and pursuits. The marriage between Manoj K Sreedhar and Rehana Fathima has been subject to public scrutiny due to the controversies surrounding Fathima’s actions and beliefs.

Manoj K Sreedhar with his wife
Manoj K Sreedhar with his wife Rehana Fathima

Rehana Fathima’s Case of POSCO

In a groundbreaking decision, the High Court recently canceled a case against a woman named Rehana Fathima, asserting that nudity should not be automatically tied to sexual conduct. This ruling has sparked widespread debates about society’s perception of nudity, the sexualization of the human body, and the need for a more nuanced understanding of human expression and personal freedom.

According to the sources, she was charged for posing an upper naked body with her minor son and letting him paint on her body. A lot of people said that she engaged in obscene activity with her minor son which is not acceptable. On the other hand, Rehana Fathima clarified that she only let her body to be a canvas for her son so that he can paint on her. The love between mother and son should not be treated with obscenity. On this, HC also agreed with her and discarded the case.

Manoj K Sreedhar’s Background

Manoj K Sreedhar hails from a modest background, with limited information available about his early life and upbringing. He has maintained a relatively private life and has refrained from being in the public eye, in contrast to his wife’s more outspoken nature. Sreedhar’s background and personal choices suggest a preference for a quieter existence away from the limelight.

Career and Achievements

While Manoj K Sreedhar’s professional career remains largely undisclosed, it is speculated that he has focused on personal ventures rather than seeking public recognition. His career choices and achievements are not widely known, as he has not actively pursued a prominent position or engaged in high-profile endeavors like his wife. From his Facebook handle, we got to know that he is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Nammalidam.

Manoj K Sreedhar bio

Relationship with Rehana Fathima

Manoj K Sreedhar’s relationship with Rehana Fathima is an intriguing aspect of his life. While Fathima’s activities have sparked controversies and polarizing opinions, Sreedhar has chosen to support her despite the challenges they have faced. Their relationship demonstrates a deep bond and shared values, enabling them to navigate the complexities of their individual lives while standing by each other. As per the reports, they broke up a few months ago.

Manoj K Sreedhar career


The couple is blessed with two children who have brought joy and fulfillment to their lives. The presence of their children has undoubtedly added another layer of responsibility and motivation to their fight for a better world. Manoj K Sreedhar and Rehana Fathima prioritize their roles as parents while continuing their advocacy work, striving to create a society where their children can grow up with equal opportunities.

Age and Date of Birth

Born on 30 May 1981 in Kochi, India, Manoj has dedicated himself to his academic pursuits and has been a constant pillar of support for his spouse. Based on the information provided, Manoj K Sreedhar’s age is 42 years old. He shared the details about his birth via his official Facebook account.

Manoj K Sreedhar wiki

Manoj K Sreedhar’s dedication to education is commendable. Although specific details about his academic journey are limited, it is known that he completed his graduation from a private college. While the name of the college remains undisclosed, Manoj’s commitment to pursuing higher education highlights his ambition and desire to gain knowledge.

Interesting Facts about Manoj K Sreedhar

  • Despite being married to a public figure, Manoj K Sreedhar leads a private life, avoiding the limelight and media attention.
  • Sreedhar’s support for his wife’s endeavors reflects a strong bond and shared values between the couple.
  • He has maintained a separate identity from his wife’s controversial actions and beliefs.
  • Sreedhar’s decision to stay behind the scenes indicates a preference for a quieter existence away from public scrutiny.
  • Manoj K Sreedhar is known for his humility and grounded nature.
  • He has a penchant for maintaining a private life despite his wife’s fame.
  • Sreedhar’s presence in Rehana Fathima’s life serves as a pillar of support and stability.
  • He prefers to focus on personal ventures rather than seeking public recognition.

Questions / Answers

  1. What is the profession of Manoj K Sreedhar?

    The specific profession of Manoj K Sreedhar is not widely known due to his preference for privacy.

  2. How did Manoj K Sreedhar meet Rehana Fathima?

    Not known.

  3. Does Manoj K Sreedhar share the same beliefs and ideologies as Rehana Fathima?

    While Manoj K Sreedhar supports his wife’s endeavors, he maintains his individuality and may have different perspectives on certain matters.

  4. Is Manoj K Sreedhar active on social media?

    As a private individual, Manoj K Sreedhar’s presence on social media platforms is not widely known or confirmed.

  5. Does Manoj K Sreedhar have any children with Rehana Fathima?

    Yes, the couple has two kids together.

Conclusion – Manoj K Sreedhar is a private individual who gained attention due to his marriage to Rehana Fathima, a prominent social activist, and artist. While Sreedhar’s personal and professional details remain relatively undisclosed, his support for his wife’s endeavors and their shared values highlight the strength of their relationship. Despite the controversies surrounding Fathima, Sreedhar has chosen to stand by her side, demonstrating a deep bond and commitment. As a private individual, Sreedhar’s preference for a low-profile existence allows him to maintain a sense of normalcy away from the public eye.

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