Laura Vanoverberghe Wiki, Age of Luca Brecel’s Girlfriend, Parents, Job, Net Worth, Bio, and Facts

Laura Vanoverberghe is a Belgian public figure who came into the spotlight after being in a relationship with professional snooker player Luca Brecel. Despite being a private individual, her personal life has been in the limelight due to her partner’s fame.

In this article, we will delve into her personal and professional life, including her age, education, family, siblings, relationship, husband, boyfriend, kids, career, net worth, height, weight, facts, trivia, and more.

Laura Vanoverberghe Boyfriend and Relationship

She and Luca Brecel have been dating for several months. The couple first met at a charity event in Belgium. They started dating afterward and shares a lovely bonds still.

Laura Vanoverberghe boyfriend
Laura Vanoverberghe’s boyfriend Luca Brecel

Brecel has been open about his admiration for Laura Vanoverberghe. In an interview with De Standaard, he stated that she is his “rock” and that he values her support and love. He also mentioned that she has been instrumental in helping him balance his professional and personal life.

Vanoverberghe is also a big supporter of Brecel’s career. She attends most of his matches and has been vocal about her pride in his achievements. In 2021, Brecel won the European Masters tournament, and Vanoverberghe was there to celebrate with him.

Who is Laura Vanoverberghe?

While the exact birth year of Laura Vanoverberghe remains undisclosed, it is estimated that she was born between 1995 and 1998. As of the current year (2023), she is believed to be between 24 and 27 years old. The specific date of her birthday is unknown, making it difficult to determine her zodiac sign.

Laura Vanoverberghe wiki

Without knowledge of Laura Vanoverberghe’s birthday, it is challenging to accurately identify her zodiac sign. The zodiac sign is determined by an individual’s birth date, and each sign corresponds to a particular period of the year. However, without concrete information, it is not possible to state which zodiac sign she belongs to.

Laura Vanoverberghe Biography and Age

NameLaura Vanoverberghe
Age24-27 years
ParentsPhilippe Piele (father)
Gil Bieleke Verkest (mother)
SiblingsNot known
Marital StatusUnmarried
BoyfriendLuca Brecel
CareerPrivate Job
Net WorthUSD 100k (approx.)

Educational Details

Laura Vanoverberghe’s educational background includes attending Visitatie High School. However, details regarding her higher education or any specialized courses she may have pursued are not publicly available at this time.

What does Laura Vanoverberghe do?

Vanoverberghe began her career in the hospitality industry at Amadeus Gent 2, a restaurant located in the city of Ghent. While working there, she gained valuable experience in customer service and honed her skills as a waitress.

Laura Vanoverberghe career

She then went on to work as a kelner, or waiter, at L’Autre Vie, a Michelin-starred restaurant in nearby Sint-Martens-Latem. After working at L’Autre Vie for a period of time, Laura Vanoverberghe moved on to a recruitment role at AGO Jobs & HR, a human resources company based in Belgium.

While this was a departure from her previous experience in the hospitality industry, it allowed her to develop new skills and gain valuable insights into the recruitment process. Vanoverberghe eventually returned to the hospitality industry, working once again as a kelner at Terrazza Latem, a restaurant, and bar located in Sint-Martens-Latem.

What is Laura Vanoverberghe’s Height?

Weight56 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes ColorBrown
EducationHigh School Education
Alma MaterVisitatie High School
InstagramCheck Link
FacebookCheck Link
HomepageCheck Link

Laura Vanoverberghe Parents – Dad/Mom

Vanoverberghe’s father is Philippe Piele. Unfortunately, information regarding his personal and professional life is limited, and it is challenging to ascertain specific details about him. However, it is reasonable to assume that he has played a significant role in Laura’s life, supporting her throughout her personal and professional endeavors.

Laura Vanoverberghe with her mother
Laura Vanoverberghe with her mother Gil Bieleke Verkest

Vanoverberghe’s mother is Gil Bieleke Verkest. Similar to her father, details regarding Gil Bieleke Verkest’s personal and professional life are scarce. As a mother, she has likely been a source of guidance and support for Laura Vanoverberghe, nurturing her aspirations and encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Siblings of Laura Vanoverberghe

Unfortunately, there is currently no available information regarding Laura Vanoverberghe’s siblings. It is possible that she has brothers and sisters, but as of now, their identities and details remain unknown. It is not uncommon for individuals to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to their immediate family members.

Net worth

While Vanoverberghe’s net worth is not publicly known, it is likely that she has earned a comfortable living from her various roles in the hospitality industry. According to data from the internet, the average salary for a waiter or waitress in Belgium is around €1,700 per month, which is roughly equivalent to $2,000 USD.

Laura Vanoverberghe facts

However, it is worth noting that Laura Vanoverberghe has worked in more upscale establishments than the average waiter or waitress, and may have earned a higher salary as a result. Her net worth is estimated to be USD 100k (estimated).

Interesting Facts of Laura Vanoverberghe

  • Laura Vanoverberghe is active on social media and has over 3,000 followers on Instagram.
  • She loves to travel and has visited many countries with her partner Luca Brecel.
  • Laura is a dog lover and has a pet dog named Diesel.
  • She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

In conclusion, Laura is a private individual who has gained attention due to her relationship with professional snooker player Luca Brecel. While she has not disclosed much about her personal and professional life, we know that she is well-educated, enjoys traveling, loves dogs, and values spending time with her loved ones. Her net worth and profession remain unknown, but she seems to lead a happy and fulfilling life with her partner.


  1. Who is Laura Vanoverberghe?

    She is a Belgian public figure who gained attention after being in a relationship with professional snooker player Luca Brecel.

  2. How old is Laura Vanoverberghe?

    24-27 years old.

  3. What is Laura Vanoverberghe’s profession?

    According to her official Facebook account, she is working as a Kelner at Terrazza Latem.

  4. Does Laura Vanoverberghe have any children?

    No, Laura and Luca Brecel do not have any children together.

  5. What is Laura Vanoverberghe’s net worth?

    It is estimated to be US $100k (approx.).

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