Julie Thompson Age, Wiki of Klay Thompson’s Mother, Husband, Career, Siblings, Family, and Net worth

Julie Thompson – In the world of basketball, Klay Thompson is a well-known name. As a star player for the Golden State Warriors, his skills on the court have captivated fans worldwide. However, behind every successful athlete, there is a support system that plays a crucial role in their journey.

For Klay Thompson, his mother, Julie, has been a pillar of strength and support throughout his career. In this article, we will delve into the life of Julie Thompson, exploring her background, family, career, and more.

Who is Klay Thompson’s Mother?

Born as Julie Leslie in Ridgefield, Washington, United States, Julie’s exact birth year is not publicly known. However, based on her reported high school graduation year, it can be estimated that she was born between 1954 and 1956. This would make her currently between 66 and 68 years old.

Julie Thompson wiki

Julie Thompson Biography and Profile

Full NameJulie Leslie
Age66-68 years old
BirthplaceRidgefield, Washington, United States
ParentsNames not known
Alma MaterRidgefield High School
Portland State University
University of San Francisco
SpouseMychal Thompson (m. 1987)
Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendMychal Thompson
KidsTrayce Thompson
Klay Thompson
Mychel Thompson
CareerFormer Volleyball player
Net WorthUSD 1.5 Million
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Julie grew up in Ridgefield, where she attended Ridgefield High School. After graduating from high school, she went on to attend Portland State University, where she earned a degree in business. She then went on to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the University of San Francisco.

With her education and skills, Julie had a successful career in the corporate world. As the mother of a professional basketball player, Julie has had to balance supporting her son’s career with maintaining her own life and interests. She has been described as a loving and supportive mother, who has instilled strong values in her sons.

Julie Thompson Family and Siblings

Julie Thompson, the mother of NBA superstar Klay Thompson, hails from an athletic family that has produced several outstanding sportsmen over the years. Although the names of her parents are not known, it is clear that athleticism runs deep in her family’s blood.

Julie Thompson family

Julie grew up with two older brothers who were both gifted athletes in their own right. Her brothers’ names are also not publicly known, but their athletic achievements are well-documented. One of them was a standout basketball player who played in college, while the other was a talented football player who also went on to play at the collegiate level.

Growing up in such a competitive and athletic household, it’s no wonder that Julie Thompson developed a passion for sports herself. She was a multi-sport athlete in high school, excelling in Volleyball.

Julie Thompson Husband and Marriage

Beyond her athletic endeavors, Julie Thompson’s personal life has been filled with joy and success. She is married to Mychal Thompson, a former professional NBA player who achieved great success during his career, including winning two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Julie Thompson with her husband and kids
Julie Thompson with her husband Mychal Thompson and kids Klay Thompson, Trayce Thompson & Mychel Thompson

Together, Julie and Mychal have raised three children, with their eldest son, Klay Thompson, becoming a renowned NBA player for the Golden State Warriors. Although specific details about their marriage and personal life are not readily available in the search results, their long-lasting union and mutual support are evident through various interviews and public statements.

Julie Thompson’s Children

As a devoted mother, Julie Thompson has played an instrumental role in nurturing her children’s talents and supporting their aspirations. Klay Thompson has followed in his parents footsteps by excelling in basketball.

From his college career at Washington State University to becoming a key player for the Golden State Warriors, Klay has become a prominent figure in the NBA. His achievements and his undeniable talent on the court have been widely celebrated.

In addition to Klay, Julie, and Mychal Thompson have two other children named Trayce Thompson and Mychel Thompson, creating a close-knit family unit. While information about their other children is limited within the provided search results, it is clear that Julie and Mychal have dedicated themselves to raising a loving and supportive family.

Julie Thompson Athletic Career

Julie Thompson’s athletic prowess was evident from an early age. She attended Ridgefield High School in Washington, where she emerged as a star in both track and field as well as volleyball. Her skills on the court and track earned her recognition and paved the way for a successful collegiate career.

Julie Thompson career

Julie’s passion for volleyball led her to join the University of San Francisco (USF) where she played as a college athlete. She was part of the USF Dons women’s volleyball team, showcasing her talent and dedication to the sport. Additionally, Julie’s athletic versatility was demonstrated by her participation in track and field events during her high school years. These experiences honed her skills and set the stage for her future success.

Business Ventures

In addition to her career in academia, Julie Thompson has made strides in the business world. She is recognized as a successful businesswoman with achievements that extend beyond her athletic and academic pursuits. While specific details about her entrepreneurial ventures are not widely available, it is evident that she has established herself as a respected professional.

Net Worth of Julie Thompson

While precise figures regarding Julie Thompson’s net worth are not readily accessible, it is reasonable to infer that her combined achievements as an athlete, academician, and businesswoman have contributed to her financial success. As per this, her net worth is accumulated at USD 1.5 Million (approx.).

Julie Thompson net worth

Furthermore, her marriage to Mychal Thompson, a former professional NBA player, and two-time NBA champion, has likely added to their family’s overall net worth.

Height and Weight

Weight59 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Facts and Trivia

Here are some interesting facts and trivia about Julie Thompson:

  • Julie Thompson played volleyball for both the University of San Francisco and the University of Portland.
  • She excelled in track and field and volleyball during her high school years.
  • Julie Thompson’s husband, Mychal Thompson, describes her as the top athlete in the Thompson family.
  • Her son, Klay Thompson, followed in her athletic footsteps and has become a highly accomplished basketball player.


  1. Who is Julie Thompson?

    She is the mother of NBA basketball player Klay Thompson. She is known for her support and involvement in her son’s career, as well as being a dedicated advocate for youth sports.

  2. What is Julie Thompson’s background?

    Julie Thompson’s background is not extensively documented, as she primarily gained public attention through her son’s success in the NBA.

  3. How has Julie Thompson supported Klay Thompson’s basketball career?

    Julie Thompson has been a constant pillar of support throughout Klay Thompson’s basketball journey.

  4. What has been Julie Thompson’s proudest moment as a mother of an NBA player?

    Julie Thompson’s proudest moment was when Klay won his first NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors in 2015.

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