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Dannielynn Birkhead, born on September 7, 2006, is widely known as the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, a renowned American model, and actress. Her life has been surrounded by media attention and significant events, including a high-profile paternity case. In this article, we will explore various aspects of Dannielynn Birkhead’s life, including her age, education, current whereabouts, parents, paternity case, siblings, relationships, career, net worth, physical attributes, and other interesting facts.

Dannielynn Birkhead Hometown and Education

As of 2023, Dannielynn Birkhead is 16 years old. Her birthplace is Nassau, the Bahamas, and born on September 7, 2006. Being the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, Dannielynn’s early life has been captured under the spotlight, and her growth has been observed by many.

Regarding her education, specific details about Dannielynn’s schooling are not readily available in the public domain. However, given her age, it can be presumed that she is likely pursuing her education in accordance with her personal and family circumstances.

Dannielynn Birkhead wiki

Where is Dannielynn Birkhead Now?

Presently, Dannielynn Birkhead resides with her father, Larry Birkhead, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Larry Birkhead has been a devoted single father, raising Dannielynn with love and care. He has actively shielded her from excessive media exposure while ensuring she leads a normal and balanced life.

Dannielynn Birkhead Biodata

Other NamesHannah Rose Marshall Stern
Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead
Birthday7 September 2006
Age16 years
BirthplaceNassau, The Bahamas
GrandparentsVirgie Mae Hogan, Donald Eugene Hogan, Nancy Birkhead, Larry L. Birkhead
ParentsAnna Nicole Smith (Mother) and Larry Birkhead (Father)
SiblingsDaniel Wayne Smith
Alma MaterPrivate School
Marital StatusUnmarried
CareerModel and Media Face
Net WorthUSD 500k (approx.)

Dannielynn Birkhead’s Father

Dannielynn’s father is Larry Birkhead, a professional celebrity photographer. The paternity of Dannielynn was initially a subject of dispute, with conflicting claims made by various individuals. Larry Birkhead fought a legal battle to establish his paternity and ultimately proved to be Dannielynn’s biological father through DNA testing. Since then, he has been actively involved in her life, taking on the role of her dedicated father.

Dannielynn Birkhead with her dad
Dannielynn Birkhead with her dad Larry Birkhead

Who is Dannielynn Birkhead’s Mother?

Dannielynn Birkhead’s mother was Anna Nicole Smith, a well-known American actress and model. Anna Nicole Smith gained fame through her modeling career and appeared in various media projects. Unfortunately, Anna Nicole Smith passed away on February 8, 2007. Her untimely death left a significant impact on Dannielynn’s life, and she grew up without her mother’s presence.

Dannielynn Birkhead childhood image with her mom and dad
Dannielynn Birkhead’s childhood image with her mom Anna Nicole Smith and dad Larry Birkhead

Anna Nicole Smith’s Netflix Documentary

In a recent development, Larry Birkhead, the ex-partner of the late model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, has come forward to express his strong disapproval of the new Netflix documentary that explores the life of his former partner. This documentary, which began streaming on Netflix on May 16, has been the subject of controversy and mixed reviews, but Birkhead’s criticism has drawn significant attention.

Larry Birkhead has been vocal about his disapproval of the Netflix documentary. In a statement given to the press, he expressed his strong negative opinions about the project. While Birkhead’s specific criticisms are not elaborated upon, his comments indicate a significant level of dissatisfaction with the documentary’s content or portrayal of Anna Nicole Smith’s life.

Dannielynn Birkhead Paternity Case

Dannielynn Birkhead’s paternity case attracted significant media attention due to the involvement of multiple individuals. Initially, Anna Nicole Smith’s partner, Howard K. Stern, was written as Dannielynn’s father on her birth certificate by mistake.

Dannielynn Birkhead paternity case

However, Larry Birkhead disputed this claim and pursued legal action to establish his paternity. Through a DNA test, Larry Birkhead was confirmed as Dannielynn’s biological father, and he gained custody of her. The paternity case marked a significant turning point in Dannielynn’s life and ensured that she would be raised by her biological father.


According to the various sources, she has an elder brother and his name is Daniel Wayne Smith. The further information about the siblings bond is not found on any social media handles. They kept it secret because of personal reasons.

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Dannielynn Birkhead Relationship and Boyfriend

As of May 2022, Dannielynn Birkhead’s relationship status is not publicly known. Given her young age and the privacy maintained by her family, details about her romantic relationships are not readily available. It is reasonable to assume that Dannielynn is focused on her personal growth and studies.

Dannielynn Birkhead Career

Dannielynn Birkhead has ventured into the world of modeling, following in the footsteps of her late mother, Anna Nicole Smith. Her striking resemblance to her mother has garnered attention from the media and fashion industry alike. At the age of one, she graced the cover of OK Magazine, marking her debut in the modeling industry. Since then, Dannielynn has been featured in various magazine covers and articles, gaining recognition for her undeniable beauty and charm.

Dannielynn Birkhead career

In addition to her modeling endeavors, Dannielynn Birkhead has also made appearances on television. She has embraced her role as a public figure and participated in interviews alongside her father, sharing personal stories and insights into her life. Despite being born into the spotlight, Dannielynn’s father has been cautious about her exposure and has taken measures to protect her privacy while allowing her to engage with the media on her own terms.

Life Beyond the Limelight

While Dannielynn Birkhead has experienced early fame due to her parentage, it is crucial to acknowledge that she is also entitled to a normal childhood and adolescence. Larry Birkhead has been dedicated to providing her with a well-rounded upbringing, fostering her interests and hobbies, and nurturing her individuality.

In her personal life, Dannielynn Birkhead prefers to keep a low profile. As of May 2022, she is reportedly single and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her father, Larry Birkhead, has expressed immense pride in his daughter’s character and achievements, emphasizing her kind-hearted nature and positive attitude.

Net Worth

As of now, there is no official information available regarding Dannielynn Birkhead’s net worth. It is important to note that she is still a minor and any financial matters concerning her are likely handled by her father, Larry Birkhead. Dannielynn’s potential inheritance from her late mother’s estate may also contribute to her net worth, but exact figures remain undisclosed. As per the various sources, her net worth is at USD 500k (approx.).

Physical Attributes and Teeth

Weight47 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown

Amazing Facts About Dannielynn Birkhead

  • Dannielynn Birkhead celebrated her 16th birthday on September 7, 2022.
  • She has a close relationship with her father, Larry Birkhead, who frequently shares heartfelt messages and tributes on social media.
  • Dannielynn has been featured on the cover of OK Magazine at the age of one.
  • Her mother, Anna Nicole Smith, tragically passed away due to a drug overdose when Dannielynn was only a few months old.
  • Dannielynn has chosen to maintain a level of privacy and has limited her media appearances as she grows older.


Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, has had a unique and eventful life, marked by media attention, a high-profile paternity case, and growing up without her mother. Despite the challenges she has faced, Dannielynn has pursued a career in modeling and continues to thrive under the guidance of her dedicated father, Larry Birkhead. As she enters her teenage years, Dannielynn’s journey unfolds with a promising future ahead.

Frequently Asked Q/A

  1. Is Dannielynn Birkhead currently attending school?

    Specific details about Dannielynn’s schooling are not readily available. However, given her age, it can be presumed that she is likely pursuing her education in accordance with her personal and family circumstances.

  2. What was the outcome of the paternity case involving Dannielynn Birkhead?

    Larry Birkhead, Dannielynn’s father, successfully proved his paternity through DNA testing and gained custody of her.

  3. Does Dannielynn Birkhead have any siblings?

    Yes, she has a brother named Daniel Wayne Smith.

  4. What career path is Dannielynn Birkhead pursuing?

    Dannielynn Birkhead has shown potential in the modeling industry and has been featured on magazine covers and articles. She may continue to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

  5. What is Dannielynn Birkhead’s net worth?

    As of now, there is no official information available regarding Dannielynn Birkhead’s net worth but it is estimated at USD 500k (approx.). Being a minor, her financial matters are likely handled by her father, Larry Birkhead.

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