Who is Allan Gore? Wiki, Wife, Kids, Now, Age, Profession, Net Worth & More About Betty Gore Husband

Allan Gore, a man whose life became intertwined with a gruesome crime, is best known as the husband of Betty Gore, a woman tragically murdered in 1980. This article delves into the life of Allan Gore, shedding light on his background, relationship with Betty, and the aftermath of the horrific incident.

From his early years and education to his current whereabouts, we will explore various aspects of Allan Gore’s life. So, let’s dive in and discover more about this enigmatic figure.

Allan Gore Early Life and Education

Allan Gore was born in March 1947 in the United States. As of the current year, he is 76 years old. His exact date of birth remains undisclosed, perhaps to protect his privacy amidst the media attention generated by the Betty Gore murder case.

Allan Gore wiki

Allan Gore’s educational background provides insights into his intellectual pursuits and interests. While information about his higher education remains limited, records indicate that he completed his high school education at Larned Senior High School. Afterward, he continued his academic journey by pursuing studies in mathematics and business at Southwestern College.

Additionally, it is known that Allan Gore studied at Kansas State University, although specific details about his field of study or degree are not readily available.

Allan Gore Age and Wiki

Full NameAllan Gore
BirthdayMarch 1947
Age76 years old
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsMr. Gore
Mrs. Gore
SiblingsRon Gore
Ex-WifeBetty Gore and 1 more
Marital StatusDivorced
KidsBethany Gore
Alisa Gore
CareerMajor Defense Contractor
Net WorthUSD 600k (approx.)
School/CollegeLarned Senior High School
Southwestern College
Kansas State University
Weight76 kg
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Meeting Betty Pomeroy

Allan Gore’s life took a significant turn when he crossed paths with Betty Pomeroy. Betty, a charming and popular girl from Norwich, Kansas, caught Allan’s attention while he was working as her math teacher in college. Despite their differences in appearance and personality, the couple decided to marry, surprising many in their social circle.

Allan Gore with his ex wife and daughters
Allan Gore with his ex-wife Betty Gore and daughters Bethany Gore & Alisa Gore

The Unhappy Marriage

Allan Gore and Betty Gore’s marriage, on the surface, appeared to be a normal one. However, underlying tensions and difficulties began to emerge, especially when Candy Montgomery entered their lives. Candy was a close friend of Betty’s, and unfortunately, she became involved in an extramarital affair with Allan. The affair strained the Gores’ relationship, causing considerable distress behind closed doors.

The Tragic Murder of Betty Gore

In 1980, the small town of Wylie, Texas, was shocked by a horrific incident—the brutal murder of Betty Gore. The prime suspect in the case was none other than Candy Montgomery, Betty’s friend and Allan Gore’s lover. The details of the crime were gruesome, involving an ax, and it sent shockwaves through the community and beyond.

Candy Montgomery
Candy Montgomery

Allan Gore’s Alibi

Immediately following Betty Gore’s murder, both Allan Gore and Candy Montgomery came under suspicion. However, Allan was able to provide a concrete alibi that placed him in St. Paul, Minnesota, for business purposes during the time of the crime. This alibi ultimately cleared him of any involvement in the murder.

What is Allan Gore Career?

Allan Gore’s career took off at Rockwell International, a major defense contractor known for its diverse aerospace and defense-related projects. He joined the company in the late 1980s and played an integral role in various aspects of the organization’s operations. Rockwell International, with its expertise in producing aircraft and space-related systems, provided an ideal platform for Allan Gore to showcase his skills and expertise.

Allan Gore career

Apart from his work in the defense contracting industry, Allan Gore also had a passion for education. He served as a teaching assistant during his career, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring students. As a teaching assistant, Gore played a pivotal role in supporting professors and guiding students through various courses. His ability to explain complex concepts and provide real-world examples made him a valuable asset in the academic setting.

Life After the Murder Trial

Following the conclusion of the murder trial, Allan Gore and Candy Montgomery went their separate ways. Candy moved to Georgia after divorcing her husband, while Allan had to cope with the loss of his wife and the aftermath of the trial. The events surrounding the murder undoubtedly left an indelible impact on Allan’s life, forcing him to grapple with the consequences and move forward.

Allan Gore’s Children

Allan and Betty Gore were parents to two daughters at the time of the murder. Alisa, also known as Lisa, was six years old when her mother was tragically killed. Additionally, they had a one-year-old daughter named Bethany. The murder undoubtedly had a profound and lasting effect on the lives of these young children.

Approx. Net Worth

As of the most recent information available, Allan Gore’s net worth is estimated to be USD 600k (approx.). Although precise figures are not publicly disclosed, his successful career at Rockwell International, coupled with his involvement in the defense industry, indicates a lucrative financial position. Over the years, Gore’s contributions to defense projects and his educational pursuits have likely led to financial stability and accumulated wealth.

Where is Allan Gore now?

According to official sources, he is currently staying in Florida and got retired from his job. In addition to this, he remarried another lady just after the death of Betty Gore. However, he and his new wife also parted ways.

Allan Gore Parents and Siblings

Unfortunately, specific information regarding Allan Gore’s parents remains elusive, as the details about his family background are not widely available. However, we can gain some insight into his personal life through his relationship with his siblings, particularly his brother, Ron Gore.

Allan Gore bio

Among the limited information available, it is known that Allan Gore had at least one sibling, his brother Ron Gore. While not much is known about Ron Gore’s personal life either, it can be inferred that he played a significant role in Allan’s life, likely providing support and companionship throughout their shared experiences.


Allan Gore’s life was forever altered by the tragic murder of his wife, Betty Gore. The circumstances surrounding the crime, including his extramarital affair with Candy Montgomery, cast a shadow over their once seemingly happy marriage. Despite being cleared of any involvement in the murder, Allan had to navigate the aftermath, raising their children and rebuilding his life. Today, he remains a figure shrouded in mystery, choosing to retreat from the public eye.

Ques / Ans

  1. Is Allan Gore still alive?

    Yes, he is alive and living happily in Florida.

  2. Did Allan Gore remarry after the murder of Betty Gore?

    Yes, he remarried a lady but later got divorced as well.

  3. How many children did Allan and Betty Gore have?

    Allan and Betty Gore had two daughters together. Alisa, also known as Lisa, was six years old at the time of the murder, and Bethany was just one year old.

  4. What was Allan Gore’s occupation at the time of the murder?

    He was a major defense contractor at Rockwell International.

  5. Is there a connection between Allan Gore and former Vice President Al Gore?

    There is no connection between Allan Gore, the subject of this article, and former Vice President Al Gore. They are unrelated individuals who share a similar last name.

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