Charlie Shanian Net Worth, Biography, Wife’s Name, Age, Movies, Kids, Parents & More About Tori Spelling’s Ex-husband

Charlie Shanian Bio – When discussing Tori Spelling’s personal life, it’s impossible to overlook her ex-husband, Charlie Shanian. He is a talented film actor, playwriter, and producer from the United States.

He gained prominence not only for his own accomplishments in the entertainment industry but also for his connection to Tori Spelling, a well-known American actress. In this article, we will delve into the life of Charlie Shanian, exploring various aspects such as his age, education, family background, career, and more.

Charlie Shanian’s Age

Charlie Shanian was born Charles George Shanian in 1965 in Peabody, Massachusetts, United States. Not much is known about his early life or family, as he has managed to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Charlie Shanian wiki

As mentioned earlier, Charlie Shanian was born in 1965, which makes him 58 years old as of 2023. Unfortunately, his exact birthday is not known, so we cannot say for certain what his zodiac sign is.

Charlie Shanian Biodata

Full NameCharles George Shahnaian
Age58 years
BirthplacePeabody, Massachusetts, United States
ParentsNames not known
SiblingsShare soon
Alma MaterPrivate School
SpouseElena Shahnaian (m. January 10, 2016)
Marital StatusMarried
Ex-wifeTori Spelling (m. July 3, 2004–April 20, 2006)
GirlfriendElena Shahnaian
CareerActor and Writer
Net WorthUS $2 Million


Details about Charlie Shanian’s educational background are not widely available in public sources. However, given his involvement in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, and producer, it can be assumed that he possesses the necessary skills and knowledge acquired through formal education or practical experience.

Charlie Shanian Family Background

Charlie was born and raised in Peabody, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, there is limited information about his family background, such as his parents and their professions. Further details about his family are not readily accessible.

Charlie Shanian with his mother
Charlie Shanian with his mother


Publicly available sources do not provide specific information regarding Charlie Shanian’s siblings. Therefore, it is unclear whether he has any brothers or sisters.

Relationship with Tori Spelling’s Parents

During his marriage to Tori Spelling, Shanian became a son-in-law to Candy Spelling and Aaron Spelling. Although specific details about their relationship are not readily available, it is known that their union ended in divorce after two years. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Shanian’s connection to Tori Spelling’s parents highlights the intertwining of their lives during that period.

Charlie Shanian and Tori Spelling’s Wedding

Charlie gained significant attention back in early 2000 due to his marriage to a renowned actress named Tori Spelling, who is best known for her popular TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210.” They tied the knot in 2004 at Tori Spelling’s parents’ home in Los Angeles.

Charlie Shanian and his ex wife
Charlie Shanian and his ex-wife Tori Spelling

However, their marriage faced challenges, and they separated in 2005, with their divorce being finalized in 2006. The relationship between Tori Spelling and Shanian garnered substantial media attention during and after their divorce, but the details of their personal experiences during that time are primarily known to them.

Tori Spelling’s Kids Have Been Hospitalized

In recent news, actress Tori Spelling has been facing a challenging time as she had to take her children to urgent care and vacate her home due to a mold infection. This situation has unfolded over the past few weeks, with Tori Spelling and her family dealing with a series of health issues attributed to the presence of mold in their residence.

Tori Spelling has taken to social media platforms, such as Instagram, to share updates on her children’s health and provide insights into the challenges they have encountered.

According to Tori Spelling’s Instagram posts, she recently took her youngest children, Finn, aged 10, and Beau, aged 6, to urgent care after both children fell ill. She described the situation as a “continual spiral of sickness” and revealed that mold was found in their home, which was determined to be the cause of their health issues.

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Who is Charlie Shanian’s Wife?

After his divorce from Spelling, Charlie Shanian kept a low profile for several years, but in 2015, he made headlines again when he announced his engagement to Elena Shahnaian. The couple had been dating for some time and decided to tie the knot on January 10, 2016, in a small ceremony in Santa Barbara, California.

Charlie Shanian and his wife
Charlie Shanian and his wife Elena Shahnaian

Elena Shahnaian is a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, and the couple seems to be a good match. They both keep a low profile on social media but occasionally share photos of each other and their children.

Charlie Shanian’s Children

Charlie Shanian has two children, a daughter, and a son, from his marriage to Elena Shahnaian. The children’s names are not known, as Shanian and Elena have kept them out of the public eye. However, Shanian occasionally shares photos of the children on social media, and they appear to be happy and healthy.

Charlie Shanian with his wife and kids
Charlie Shanian with his wife Elena Shahnaian and kids

Charlie Shanian Acting Career & Movies

Shanian made his mark in the acting industry with his role as Deputy Mike Moran in the TV series “10-8: Officers on Duty”. The show, which aired from 2003 to 2004, revolved around the lives of police officers working in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Shanian’s portrayal of Deputy Mike Moran received positive reviews from audiences and helped him gain recognition in the industry.

Charlie Shanian career

In addition to “10-8: Officers on Duty,” Charlie Shanian has appeared in several other projects throughout his career. He acted in movies such as “Le Chase” (2006), “Bullet,” and “The Swap”. While his filmography may not be extensive, Shanian’s talent and dedication to his craft were evident in the roles he undertook.

Writing and Producing Career

Apart from acting, Charlie Shanian has also showcased his skills as a writer and producer. However, specific details about his writing and producing endeavors are not readily available in the provided search results. It appears that Shanian’s primary focus has been on his acting career.

Charlie Shanian’s Net Worth

Unfortunately, there is no specific information available regarding Charlie Shanian’s net worth. His work in the entertainment industry, including acting, writing, and producing, may have contributed to his financial success, but exact figures remain undisclosed. A lot of media sources claimed that his net worth is $2 Million US.

Height & Weight

According to available information, Charlie Shanian stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. However, his weight and other physical attributes are not mentioned in the search results. It’s worth noting that physical attributes can vary over time, and the provided information might not reflect his current measurements.

Weight72 kg
Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorBrown

Lesser-Known Details

  • Charlie Shanian was Tori Spelling’s first husband. Their high-profile marriage and subsequent divorce garnered significant media attention.
  • Shanian acted in the movie “The Redemption of Henry Myers” (2014).
  • He was born and raised in Peabody, Massachusetts.
  • Shanian has been referred to as Charlie Shahnaian in some sources.

Frequently Asked Q/A

  1. Who is Charlie Shanian?

    He is a playwright, actor, and filmmaker who gained significant public attention due to his marriage to actress Tori Spelling.

  2. How long were Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian married?

    Tori Spelling and Charlie were married for approximately one year. They tied the knot on July 3, 2004, but their marriage ended in divorce on April 20, 2006.

  3. What is Charlie Shanian known for besides his marriage to Tori Spelling?

    Apart from his marriage to Tori Spelling, Charlie Shanian is known for his work in the entertainment industry.

  4. Why did Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian get divorced?

    Tori Spelling and Shanian divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

  5. Did Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian have any children together?

    No, Tori Spelling and Charlie did not have any children together during their marriage.

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